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Goldiam Limited - a new Gold Operator in Central Africa

Membership-At-Large Register


A new environment-friendly technology for mining (gold, diamond-sapropel)

The great event has happened in January 2021 on the background of the COVID-19 pandemic - the professional conference arranged by the Rwandan Government and the group of Russian developers of new environment-friendly equipment for mining in deep layers of gold-diamond-sapropel deposits in Africa.
The working groups already have decided about the steps of implementation and production of the equipment in Rwanda with exclusive rights of Goldiam Limited to extend this technology overall African continent.
Goldiam Limited offers OTC Bond purchase deals with a goal to involved the private capital in this PPP (Private-Public Project) of the Government and the Foundation plans to get a benefit on basis of annual coupons of 10% up to 25%. Security for this operation is the ordinary corporate stocks of Goldiam Limited to be transferred to Foundation's ownership.
Associate Members of the Foundation may participate in this Membership-At-Large type of transaction by growing their Membership divvy amount in the Foundation.

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