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Global Interactive Alternative Marketplace


GIAM provides members with a comfortable and multiple directions' P2P, B2B IT built-in platform for personal and corporate use, for a massive range of trading businesses, contractors, and brokers for daily operations and single transactions on the international marketplace, including supporting solutions as follows:

Personal & Business Wallets
Multi-currency exchange
Direct trading operations
Instant Settlements
Brokerage tools
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Heading 6
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Professional support and specialists of High-Tech Industry LTD in fields such as:

- Escrow, and trustee tools for professional licensed brokers, traders, and managers of multi-family-oriented agencies and businesses representing offices and international branches.
- Fundraising opportunities
- Purchase, construction, and furnishing of real estate given
 sale, rent, construction, building, repair works, and rental activity 
- Import & Export & Reexport
- Sale and purchase of industrial goods and foodstuffs, consumer goods and agricultural produce, 
- Trade representation
- Distribution and advertising, Brokerage, and mediation
- Agencies of local and foreign persons and entities
- Credit Bureau and factoring 
- Purchase of receivables
- Consulting services in the area of finance
- Business plan and feasibility study preparation
- Risk management models
- Analyses of factual data

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