Dear Members!

You are invited to participate in a few new projects under the professional patronage of the foundation in the development of new IT, FinThech and High-Tech technologies, environment-friendly technologies, new types of green energy solutions, water distillation, agriculture solutions, and much more additional subjects and business ideas that will be placed from time to time on this page for your review and choosing.

The basis for such joint activities of a big amount of members provides them with the unique opportunity to become the collective "Membership-At-Large" in the owner's structure of these projects even with a relatively small investment sum of each sole investor.

Your power is in your unity and cohesion to be the main element of the trigger that will set the wheel of progress in motion.
Each of you and altogether, you become the owner of the new businesses that you choose, thereby distributing the danger of making a mistake.


PAP - Trustee Services

Underlying companies, trust services, legal services, business representation, financial investigation, introducing brokerage and money management in Swissquote bank~Gland~ Switzerland


Goldiam Limited

Gold mining operation in African countries, gold resell operation, funds management, trusts and funds

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The Center for Sapropel

Production of a new generation of environment-friendly mining equipment for deep deposits of gold, diamonds, sapropel and more.