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OTC Marketplace of the Foundation 

In accordance with the Foundation Charter, the Foundation has legal rights to fund its own projects from the dividends to be earned by the companies where the Foundation will be the shareholder and beneficiary. In this case, the profit of the Foundation will be in passive form and will not be under tax requirements.
For this goal, Foundation is looking for investors to be ready to support the Foundation's activities and tasks by involving their capital by the purchase of corporate stocks of commercial companies with further partial or entire ownership of affiliated structures of the Foundation or its Foundation Council.

As the security of invested funds, the Foundation will provide the investor with its corporate convertible promissory note/bond with an annual coupon which in case of default of Foundation's obligations, will transfer corporate rights of the Foundation in these companies into the name of the investor.

In this case, the management of Foundation's assets as the collective form of as a "Membership-At-Large" in accordance with the Foundation Charter will be done as the OTC type of deals under the patronage of Foundation's trustees for earning benefits from a few or specific projects in accordance with the Foundation goals and decision of Foundation Council and for a return of invested funds to investors.

​All types of transactions may be offered also to the Foundation's Members of several types in the frame of "Membership-At-Large" that will involve Members in the specific collective transaction in accordance with the Membership Agreement.

OTC Gold Market

As a good explanation of the investment policy of the Foundation, we would like to provide the reader with a detailed explanation of how the Foundation is building its investment portfolio based on the best and safety market like gold. 
The Foundation has chosen for its investments a well-known and reputed sector of financial activities related to the gold and precious metals and stones because of decisions of the Basel III (the international regulatory framework for banks) that is focusing on the role of gold on the international market.
In 2020 the Foundation has established the local independent branch in Rwanda with Rwandan Company "Goldiam Limited" that has rights and governmental support to work in the field of mining and in the different financial sectors and choose this company as the channel to invest funds for further use in accordance with Foundation's goals to develop High-Tech Industry around the world specifically in the area of environment, waste recycling, new energy facilities and technologies preferable in African region that will be very soon the new zone of industrial and intellectual success.

By 2021 the Foundation already arranged the initial steps on the African continent and we need investors to be ready to support our activities with very good terms and conditions. Received funds from investors will be used for two main directions:
1- Structuring of the gold resell operations for supporting of activities of local miners and cooperatives.
2- Support mining on new deep gold deposits using a new mining environment-friendly and allowed by the Governments technology allows the mining from the deepest layers of gold deposits which were not possible before.
The result of these investments is the very high capacity of the equipment and very low costs of mining. The profit will be shared between Foundation's tasks in Africa and investors on an equal basis

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