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Health Treatment Insurance

Medicare Plans


Specific short and long-term medical insurance plans may include the full or partial coverage of different medical services which may be provided to the legally appointed beneficiaries of the foundation as the integral part of the trust management agreements or specially organized multi-family services under Settlors' requirements:

  • payment of drugs and medical procedures

  • medical on-line consultations with a doctor,

  • clinical laboratory research and analysis,

  • surgical operations

  • contents in houses for elderly people 

  • provision of medical help in the home of the patient.

All Seasons Underwriting Insurance Brokers Limited

Welcome to ASUIA


ASUIA is Independent Underwriting Agent specializing in International Accidents & Health, Travel and Other Specialist Risk.

ASUIA are fully focused on servicing International Clients to provide the diverse needs of the International Insurance & Reinsurance market and to provide and deliver Non-Standard Solutions to meet specialist needs.

Founded in 1997, “ASUA” was an independent underwriting agency for the outbound travel market in the UK.

In 2008, “ASUIA” was launched as the international platform of the company with expanded insurance and reinsurance coverage for international health, travel and special risks.

In 2015 ASUIA obtained Lloyd’s broker status. and today

Alliances with Insurance & Reinsurance vehicles make for solid ability to underwrite and hold significant risks.

ASUIA today is an independent insurance broker specializing in International Accident & Health & Travel but quickly expanding into all classes of business.

ASUIA endeavor to consistently offer the best value to current and prospective clients through prudent and innovative risk underwriting, flexibility.

ASUIA can deliver solutions to clients located in even the most complex regions, having developed extensive knowledge and experience over many years of exposure and presence in those territories. We have built a solid network of alliances with local brokers, insurance companies, key players and service providers

Shlomi Kariv
Managing Director
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The Ramat Aviv Medical Center is a modern and sophisticated, privately owned medical facility located in the Ramat Aviv mall, in one of the most prestigious residential neighborhoods of Tel Aviv. The mall is close to the main traffic thoroughfares of the Dan Region and is therefore easily accessible from all parts of the country, with ample parking at all times.

The Medical Center occupies an area of 2,400 square meters and offers high quality medical care. Service is personal, state-of-the-art, convenient and pleasant for both patients and medical staff. The Center operates under the license of the Ministry of Health and is backed up by the Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center (Ichilov Hospital).

The owner-operator of the Ramat Aviv Medical Center, Nor-Med Ltd., is dedicated to constantly improving the medical services offered at the Center, using cutting-edge medical technologies and the highest available standards of professional care alongside first class services for the benefit of both patients and the medical staff. The company employs 120 employees, with services provided by 65 doctors. Every staff member is committed to the goal of aspiring to the highest available standards, professional excellence and financial strength.

Boris Kessel
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