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Cooperation Agreement for design, construction and operation (BO) of waste recycling plant with total capacity up to 580,000 MT of waste p.a. has been signed at 2015 between Cavalcom Recycling Group, Mongolian Government and Municipality of Ulan Bator under obligation of the Municipality to pay for waste the tipping fees during next 25 years. According to the agreement, the government  also undertakes to purchase the energy if there is no demand in the private market. 

The project shall be placed in territory of 30 hectares in Industrial Technology Park in Nalaykh (35 km from Ulan Bator). The land-lease agreement for 30 hectares of land has been finally signed at February 2019 

Project's cost is about 350M USD.

The list of products to be produced during waste recycling process includes M40, BioDiesel Syngas and  electricity according to the market demand. Capacity - around 200,000 MT of Oil Equivalent or 1,250,000 BOE (Barrel of Oil Equivalent) 


Investment Plan

1 - e-CVL Crypto platform including blockchain, wallets,

     crypto-currency exchange market suitable for supporting

     the energy world trade MARKET -                                  US$50M

2 - Design, construction and operation of W2E -Waste to

     Energy plant -                                                          US$300M 

     Total cost of Step 1 -                                                 US$350M 

3 - Design, construction and operation of green -                  US$35M  

4 - Multi-currency Mining -                                                 US$25M 

5 - Greenhouses -                                                            US$15M 

6 - Domestic gas distribution -                                            US$20M

     Total cost of Step 2                                                   US$95M 

7 - Therm-electricity station (coal, mazut, gas)                     US$120M

     Total  cost of Step 3 -                                                US$120M  

Total amount of investments                                              US$565M


All kind of benefits coming from the financial activities of the High-Tech Industry International Non-Profit Foundation as the Funds/Assets Manager on behalf of Foundation's Members, will be invested into the projects under the patronage of the Foundation Council in accordance with the Foundation Charter.

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CVLT Pricing policy
CVLT Token as the member of TWINCOIN's family of internal cryptocurrencies will be support by the real products of energy industry (like oil, coal, gas, electricity) andphysical gold deposit placed with first-class international banks under trust management of the Foundation.
Initial price of 1 CVLT - US$0.1 or equivalent. The price will be upgraded on 2.5% on a monthly basis, starting in 30 days after closing of Public Sale of CVLT till enter into operation of the 1-st technological unit of the waste recycling plant.
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